Over the weekend we captured a blue sky morning in the town of Hythe and enjoyed a stroll. It’s a great spot for getting up close to the ocean superliners as they pass on route to Southampton and the Hythe ferry passes the berth of many famous ships.

It’s also been a crossing route from Southampton to the New Forest for centuries, and we’ve previously taken the ferry over for the Solent Way walk where we finished in Lymington and took the train back. ☀️🛳️


🅿️ We parked at the Waitrose car park which had two hours of free parking. That was ample time for the activities we’ve outlined below – SO45 6RU

The Waitrose car park and you are pretty much right on the waterfront already, with lots of views to take in and enjoy a boardwalk stroll. The cool sea breeze kept us refreshed and was an epic way to wake up before settling down for your morning coffee. As we wandered back onto town, past shops and cafés, we knew we had to try the one below…

Black Wax Coffee & Records

Right next to the waterfront, you can wander into the high street with its bustling shops. In the heart of the high st is this independent spot, part records shop, part coffee spot. Coffee and music, what not to love?!

We loved the cosy vibe and friendly atmosphere. The decor is clean and modern, with tons of band posters on display. I’m sure you’ll recognise a few. Some original vinyl soaked up the atmosphere with its soundtrack while we sat and enjoyed coffees, a smoothie, and cookies, too.

What’s great is that you can also peruse their vinyl collection and purchase any you might fancy. Equally, they also buy used vinyls, so it might be worth bringing some old records next time you pop by for a coffee.

Hythe pier and railway

This unique pier railway is the World’s Oldest Pier Train (as recorded in the official Guinness World Record) and it’s also one of the ten longest piers in the British Isles. It transports passengers to and from the end of the pier along 640 metres. Even non-buffs will appreciate this miniature narrowgauge going along the historic pier, winding its way along the wooden tracks.

If you don’t fancy a ride, You can also pay a small fee of £2 to walk along the pier which we did with the dog and enjoyed watching and listening to the rickety train pass as well as read up on the history of the pier and area on information boards at different points along the pier.

⛴️ Of course, you could get the Hythe ferry over from Southampton centre to explore, too.

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