We love bluebells, the colourful British wildflower and their carpets of blue when they come out around the woodlands and forests of hampshire, here is some info on when to see them, where and some tips on ensuring you abide by the general rules.

When can I see bluebells in Hampshire? Bluebells appear in Hampshire from mid April until the beginning of may depending on the weather, and they only stick around for a few weeks so you have be quick if you want to enjoy them with them in bloom for such a short amount of time.

Don’t tread on the bluebells or pick them! When in an area with bluebells always stay on the main pathways and marked routes to see them and take photos. They are a sensistive plant so if you tread on them it can stop their chances of them growing again. They are a protected species in the UK so it is against the law to intentially pick, uproot or destroy them. You can view more guidance from the National Trust on their website here

Perfect photos easily achieved – If you want to capture nice photos, you can frame them in a clever way, low down for example and from a main pathway to achieve an effect of someone stood behind the bluebells. Find two pathways, you on one, your subject on the other and then the bluebells in the middle, then use that zoom lens and get down low.

1. Godshill bluebells – New Forest

Scenes from Frankenbury Hill Fort, New Forest ๐ŸŒณ

We discovered a wonderful collection of bluebells whilst out on this New forest Walk in early May, they align the grassy areas to the side of the main walking path and you can find them towards the Godshill wood area of the walk which we approached towards the end of the walk having passed the fort and by sandy ball holiday park at the start. This family friendly walk is a great adventure for kids, lots of wildlife, streams, woodland and more.

You can find the whole route with gps on the free โ€˜new Forest walksโ€™ app under the Frankenbury hill fort pin. ๐Ÿ“ฒ

๐Ÿ“ SP62LN

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2. Crab Wood bluebells – Winchester

Just outside of Winchester and near the farley mount monument you can find Crab Wood amongst the countryside setting. This is definitely one of the easier spots to park up and walk a short distance to spot the bluebells amongst the woodland. It also makes for a great stop off on a cycling route around the countryside taking in Winchester, Hursley, perhaps along to the south downs or towards Wiltshire and Salisbury.

Park in the free crab wood car park and walk north on one of the pathways for a few minutes and you will start spotting the blubells, and you can go on an extended walk to Farley mount or around the woodland too.

You could combine your visit with a stop at the nearby Beechcroft Farm Shop for a coffee, tea or some light lunch as it’s a favourite of ours with it’s farm shop and great views of the farmland around along with the farm animals.

๐Ÿ“ Crab wood car park, Woodman Ln, Winchester SO21 2PA

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3. Micheldever Wood bluebells

Micheldever Wood, we would say is the most popular spot in Hampshire for bluebells and yes we would say one of the best. With it’s popularity though we would recomend visiting early morning or late evening to enjoy in some peace away from the crowds as during the daytime, particularly at weekends it can get extremely busy and that goes with the car park and roadside too.

It’s just 10 minutes north of Winchester and we can see why so many photographers and families enjoy a visit at this time of year. Just a few minutes walk into the forest from the car park you can enjoy carpets of bluebells surrounded by beautiful trees which are well spread apart to leave the showstopper bluebells open for one and all to enjoy. Once again please be careful not to tread on any and stick to the main pathways, you can easily get great photos with clever angles on the paths. ๐Ÿ˜€

There is a field with some picnic tables near the car park to enjoy lunch or a snack break too

We’d also reccomend a visit to nearby cafe, ‘The Yard’, it’s located in candover valley in Hampshire today to check out the yard which is a a rural cafe + events space set in the beautiful rural setting of a working farm! ๐Ÿšœ

You can enjoy a coffee which is roasted right next door at Moon Roast Coffee and a hot choccie and a well presented vegetarian breakfast burrito and mushroom poached egg dish. Both tasty and flavourful. ๐Ÿฅš There was plenty of options on the menu from fresh juices to lassi, and all the faves like a bacon or saussage bap. Always a fan of spots which pride themselves on using local produce and the yard showcased this by name dropping in their menu ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ It’s dog friendly, bike rack for the cyclists with a pump outside too, and they also host regular events.

๐Ÿ“ Micheldever wood car park, Main Rd, Alresford SO24 9TZ

๐Ÿ“ The Yard, Chilton Manor Farm, Alresford SO24 9TX

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4. Upham bluebells – Bishops Waltham

This is a very quiet countryside spot and a bit of a hidden gem so shhhh…

We discovered it on a wonderful walk with the team from Damson Hill Cottage which is nearby and you can visit for a self serve coffee. So you park up at Upham rec, walk down a quiet countryside road, across a public pathway in the middle of farmers field and then you walk into a magical woodland with a small public walking path winding all around the woodland which bluebells as far as they eye can see, marvellous sight.

Directions to get to the bluebells woodland from the car park, walk down shoe lane and past the brushmakers arms, then down Stakes lane until you get to a crossroads for stake lane and cross lane, you will see a wooden footpath arrow sign pointing through a field, follow the field slightly uphill and you arrive into the woodland.

๐Ÿ“ Upham Recreation Centre Shoe Ln, Upham, Southampton SO32 1JL

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Royal Victoria Country Park – Southampton

Royal Victoria country park is a great spot overlooking Southampton water.

Soft open grass to enjoy a picnic and some sports with the kids, skimming some stones on the beach, wave at some passing shops, multiple playgrounds, Forest walks, the impressive historic chapel standing tall which was once part of a large hospital, watch a spot of cricket and plenty more.

They have a large woodland area towards the back of the park near the railway and on the way to the Netley Military Cemetery where you can enjoy carpets of bluebells.

๐Ÿ“ Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton SO31 5GA

๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ Our parking tip if visiting on a late evening, thereโ€™s a few free spots by the entrance of the park if your lucky and then you can walk in which doesnโ€™t take long.

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