Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s array of exhibitions, galleries, and guided tours offer something for every enthusiast, from maritime history buffs to families seeking an educational day out.

If you’re planning on going to Portsmouth, pay a visit to this must-see heritage destination in our County which is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Admire Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s iconic ships

At the forefront of this maritime sanctuary stands HMS Victory, the iconic flagship of Admiral Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar. Stepping aboard, visitors are transported back in time where they can explore the decks and cabins where history was made.

Adjacent to HMS Victory lies HMS Warrior, a formidable iron-hulled warship that once redefined naval warfare. Launched in 1860, HMS Warrior represents a pivotal moment in maritime history, marking the transition from sail to steam power. As visitors wander through its corridors and engine rooms, they gain insight into the technological advancements that shaped naval warfare in the Victorian era.

Visitors can step inside the historic dockyard itself, where they can witness the ongoing restoration and preservation efforts that keep these vessels alive for future generations.

Learning is fun with action stations

While the rain prevented us from venturing across to the two Gosport attractions included in the ticket (the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum) the wealth of experiences on the Portsmouth side alone was more than sufficient. Even without the water bus and harbor tour, the array of activities kept us thoroughly engaged throughout the day.

We didn’t let the rain stop us though! Action Stations are interactive attractions within the dockyard, and invite visitors to experience life at sea through hands-on activities and simulations. The kids learned plenty of history and had an amazing time interacting with the friendly staff, and dressing up. The climbing wall and obstacle course were top highlights! ⚔️

Consider the ultimate explorer ticket

The ultimate explorer ticket represents great value for money as visitors and families can access all ten attractions at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and return again and again for 12 months – a cost-effective way of keeping the kids entertained all year round, with new exhibitions and experiences introduced throughout the year. The Ultimate Explorer ticket starts from £39 per adult and £29 per child.

Whether marveling at the towering masts of historic ships or delving into interactive displays, a visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard promises an unforgettable journey through Britain’s naval past.

More info here – https://www.historicdockyard.co.uk/tickets-and-offers

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