Step aboard the “Black Puffin” and immerse yourself in an interactive pirate boat experience in Lymington with Puffin Cruises Lymington 🏴‍☠️⚔️💦🌴

Become a pirate aboard the Black Puffin

Embarking on a high-seas adventure, we set sail for a true pirate escapade! Tickets are available from the ticket pod right on Lymington quayside, where you’ll be warmly welcomed aboard by the pirate captain.

This 30-minute cruise is tailor-made for young adventurers, packed with excitement from start to finish. From choosing your pirate name to steering the ship and dressing up in full pirate regalia, every moment is filled with fun surprises. Blast cannons at passing vessels, search for buried treasure on secluded shores and revel in the thrill of the high seas. So many surprises!

Ahoy, mateys! Are you ready to embark on the ultimate pirate escapade? Let’s share our experience with you and see if you fancy getting on board too. We set sail on the Black Puffin for a thrilling pirate boating adventure that promised fun, excitement, and treasure galore!

Our pirate captain invited us aboard his magnificent pirate ship and we let our imagination run wild as we set sail on the ‘high seas’. With the wind in our hair and, luckily, the sun on our faces, we prepared for a journey filled with daring quests, hidden treasures, and encounters with legendary pirates. If you enter the experience with imagination and a willingness to get stuck into the pirate world you will get the most out of the mini adventure on the water.

As we charted our course, young buccaneers Evie and Molly had the chance to learn the ways of the pirate life. From steering the ship and navigating the waters, there was plenty of hands-on fun to be had as we navigate through mysterious parts of the river.

But beware, me hearties! The seas are full of challenges and obstacles, from rival pirate crews to treacherous sea monsters. Fear not, for with teamwork, bravery, and a sprinkle of pirate magic, we’ll overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.

As our adventure unfolded, the children had the opportunity to unleash their inner pirate.

We didn’t quite find a stash of treasure of gold coins or jewels but the real treasure of our pirate boating adventure lies in the memories we created together. From the thrill of the open water to the laughter we shared, this is an experience that will stay with our little buccaneers long after the voyage had ended.

So gather your crew, don your finest pirate attire, and prepare for your next adventure me hearties. Yo ho ho, set sail and make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Have fun & support local family businesses

It’s a family-run business by a husband and wife duo, and Kylie invited us down after saying they loved our adventures and were keen to invite us on theirs! They have run the business for five years now having taken over from the previous chap who owned it for 30 years. They have continued the success and really brought out the character of the trips and area.

🗓️They are open 7 months of the year and offer two types of cruises but in this post we will focus on their pirate trip.

⏱️They are 7 days a week however the pirate ship only runs during school holidays and weekends and bank holidays.

💲 Adults – £10.00 and Child – £6.00

🐶Dogs – Free

🎟️All tickets are purchased at the kiosk on the quay

More info here –

They also run another more leisurely and calm 30 minute cruise on their other boat ‘Puffin Billi’, so head down this summer and get out on the waters of Lymington!

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