On the first Saturday of September, each year, the Alresford Agricultural Show takes place, and following our first visit in 2023, we can say we’ll be going again!

Animal encounters & agricultural life

One of the highlights of the show is undoubtedly the diverse array of farm animals on display. From Shire horses to playful pigs, curious goats, and elegant cattle, there’s a breed to capture the imagination of every visitor, young and old. The kids were excited to interact with all the animals, learning about agriculture and rural life in a hands-on and memorable way. They may be a little intimidated at first, but after feeding a couple of animals, and petting the gentle cows, they quickly gained confidence.

Of course we always recommend following any advice or directions given by the animal handlers, for our safety as well as the animals’.

Of course, no agricultural show would be complete without a tractor and other farm vehicles on display. From older, steam-powered tractors to modern vehicles with many electronic elements, there was something for everyone, and is great for enthusiasts, as the experts are very knowledgeable. The kids certainly were impressed by the size of some of them, and they even got to sit in some of them – the toy one was especially popular, as a lot less intimidating!

Weird and wonderful activities

But the Show offers more than just animal encounters. It’s a bustling hub of activity, with something for everyone to enjoy. For those feeling lucky, you can place bets on ferret racing, an unexpected one for us, but we definitely cheered for our picks to cross the finish line first! Meanwhile, the fun dog show and mesmerizing birds of prey demonstrations provided entertainment of a different kind, showcasing the talents of all our furry and feathered friends.

The sight of horse parades trotting across the showground was very impressive. All the animals are incredibly well-trained. And for our little ones, the excitement continued with a plethora of activities, from circus performances to having fun in the vast hay bale play area.

Of course, no visit to the show would be complete without indulging in the food delights on offer. We sampled a nice selection of locally sourced artisanal foods, from creamy ice creams to golden honey from a nearby farm. You know we love to support local businesses and as foodies, we could never pass on the opportunity to bring some yummy treats back home with us.

Alresford Agricultural Show in a nutshell

πŸ”Meet farm animals from Shire horses to chickens, from prize cattle to sheep.
πŸͺ„Free kids entertainment
πŸ€Watch ferret racing
πŸ¦…admire the birds of prey
🧺buy country crafts & eat local produce


While you have to buy tickets to attend the Alresford Agricultural Show, parking on the grounds is free. Remember to bring cash with you, as there are no cash points on the grounds.

πŸ“ Alresford Agricultural Show, New Alresford, Alresford SO24 4AJ

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